Climate change might mean the end of coffee by 2050

So you’ve clicked here because you obviously love your coffee. Now, read on if you want to hear the most depressing news of this year.

World Coffee Research has predicted that there could be a global shortage of 180 million bags of coffee by 2050.

Our first questions is ‘why?’ Why? Why? Why?

To lay some stats out on the table, we consume approximately 150 million bags of coffee a year, with 1.4 billion cups of our favourite caffeine hit being poured a day.

With a worldwide coffee market – Australia alone is worth $2 billion – coffee is actually one of the most under-researched and under-innovated crops in the world. Insert the problem of climate change, and we’ve got a major delay at hand.

Can you help stop this in anyway?

Now for some good news: yes you can stop this shortage from happening.

Non-profit research institute, World Coffee Research, are on the mission to create the next generation of climate-resilient varieties that delivery great quality, are adaptable to multiple altitudes, are high-yielding, and are disease and pest resistant.

To do this, they set themselves the tough task of taking coffee from ‘orphan crop’ – those that are typically grown in Africa, Asia, and/or South America, and eaten as part of local diets. The seeds the farmers plant are also less likely to be resilient to drought, flooding, or extreme temperatures.

These ‘orphan crops’ provide income for the poorest farmers, however, because they aren’t traded internationally, they get less attention in terms of research of agricultural training and extension – which is where you come into play.

Single O has launched the #nodeathtocoffee project, urging roasters, importers and coffee-lovers to help fund research.

“We recognise that the future of coffee is in all of our hands, and are calling on Australian roasters and importers to do their part to fund the critical research and development needed for coffee and farmers alike by signing up to the WCR Checkoff program,” says Single O director of Coffee, Wendy De Jong.

So what can you drink?

Future-friendly coffee – and you can start drinking your way to a better coffee-future from the 15th of October when Single O starts stocking some.

Australians will be some of the first in the world to taste Starmaya, an exciting new coffee variety described by World Coffee Research as “a glimpse into a much brighter future for the coffee plant.”

And hey, we’d be happy to do anything in the name of coffee.

To purchase packs of future-friendly coffee, head here.

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